Happy new year!!!!! Brayden and the Sodestrom’s in 2013

Well its been a little while since our last B update, and it is long over due if for nothing else than to Give God GLORY for a great year in 2012.

This was our first full calendar year with no chemo, no cancer, no crap, since 2008!  Even as I type this I shed a tear.  It’s not to say that this year hasn’t had its challenges or its concerns, I just re-read the blog entry from a scare in March and then thought about driving back from thanksgiving a few weeks ago where I would have told you I thought there was a 50/50 chance the cancer was back.  BUT the bottom line is: ITS NOT.  And B seems to be doing GREAT!  Labs looks GREAT.  His strength and physique is GREAT (he is 17th percent in height and 47th in weight–a dream come true for us!).  His mental capacity/faculties are GREAT (he is loving and excelling in school in every way possible)!

We could not be more thankful for the past few years: 2011 was the year of transplant, and 2012 the year of tranquility and now we have started 2013 our year of transition.

The road we traveled from transplant, to tranquility, to transition has been a long journey—you know, the kind where the car almost runs out of gas as you coast into the station; and where you drive for 150 miles, and it’s all the same scenery of one wheat farm after another; and where, even when your body needs to stop, you can’t because the next rest stop is “75 miles away”.  But, it was in the midst of this journey that God revealed himself like never before.  And so, I find myself in a place where “I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers,” because of the way you prayerfully carried us through the trial of our lives.

Now, almost 2 years out from Brayden’s bone marrow transplant, God has led us to a new transplant—a plant where we take the DNA of our current church that we LOVE and place those cells in the ground of a new community, and watch as God allows those cells to graft into a new church that experiences the same Joy-filled community of faith as Richfield Community Church (RCC).

This is quite a task.  One that, at times, seems impossible.  But “to  him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us,” we move forward.

What we have experienced as a part of being a part of this joy-filled community of faith has radically changed our lives forever and given us an even deeper joy than we thought was possible.  God has knit a passion in us to encourage others to experience the joy of Christ, and the wisdom of His word, and the transforming power of the community of Christ in unity.  I’m convinced that God’s mass plan for evangelism is found in the happiness of a community of believers who get that there is more joy in Jesus than anything else, and as they live this life it permeates a community at large and shares this joy with everyone.

We have identified the suburbs of Sacramento as having communities who are open to and in need of this message.  God used the EV Free Director of church planting, our Senior Pastor at RCC, and His Spirit to lead us to Sacramento. It’s a unique story, full of God’s fingerprints. We have prepared a website that explains our story and much more. As we begin this journey, we would love for you to take a look at the FAQ page as well as the vision and values of Vintage Grace at

You prayerfully carried us through the last few years from trial to tranquility, would you be willing to again lift us up as we transition? There is a detailed list of prayer requests at the website. There you can also sign in, follow the progress at the Vintage Grace Blog (, and be a part of the journey WITH us as we seek to build this joy-filled community of faith.

As for BRAYDENSBATTLE BLOG, I will continue to be updating this as needed–but obviously our prayer is that it is NOT needed for prayer requests (big ones today are: Gods Glory to be seen in and through B till he’s 100, No relapse and no long-term side effects!).  I will try to primarily use this Blog space for PRAISE Pictures and celebrations of the years ahead for Brayden.  Here are a few from this past year:Brayden wins writing contest at School1st day of School w. Mom

an immune system strong enough for sand and sun!!!

an immune system strong enough for sand and sun!!!

super heroes IMG_3065 IMG_3216 IMG_3471 IMG_3639:earned how to waterski at havasuZiplining w. Mom @ CatalinaPrepping for 1st TPing adventure 
PS–Brayden turns 6 in less than 2 weeks–words cannot express!

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365 days later….

Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of Braydens transplant–this has been the slowest/fastest year of all our lives.  And the bottom line is that we are so thankful that it is “life” that we are continuing to live and celebrate!

We have one last 1 year appt. with the BMT (bone marrow transplant) clinic and then starting in May we transfer to the survivorship clinic, which just sounds too AMAZING 🙂  We can not sing Gods praises enough for the grace and blessings of this past year, and are so thankful to have been able to share them with those of you who have been so faithful in praying for B.  

A couple of ways to pray this week:

–Satan always seems to attack and lay it on thick around milestones and holidays (no bigger one in our minds than this 1 year mark:).  Even last week, with Easter we had another hiccup in the form of a fever on Easter Eve.  Easter is probably our favorite holiday as a family (primarily for what it stands for, but we love the easter egg hunts as well:)–and the last few we have had to celebrate in the hospital bc of where B was at treatment wise.  So we were really looking forward to this year and to end up with a fever at 10:30 was a tough pill to swallow.  I ended up staying up all night and praying over Brayden (not as if I was some spiritual rock start or anything, but primarily because my car alarm went off 4 times and Carson had to pee twice and me once).  So there were 7 opportunities to lay hands on B and pray over him.  I committed that every time I prayed over him I wouldnt feel for a fever (because I can be a little obsessive) and that I would just pray and trust God with how B woke up.  At 7am, I was blessed to the point of tears, when I heard Brayden holler: “MOM, DAD, its easter, time to go find eggs!!!!!!”  It was quite to gift to wake up to on the day we celebrate the life of our RISEN savior in celebrated it with our HEALTHY SON.

Bottom line: pray for a smooth and FUN weekend!

–Ultimately we keep praying for CURE.  The one year mark is big, but we don’t think they start talking remission until year 2 and then cure in year 5.  But we are thankful for the fact that he has not been on any chemo this past year and there is currently no sign of cancer returning!  Keep praying for more of this:)  The few signs we haven’t liked lately are a couple of bumps and occasional vomit/fever–BUT all of these things have explanations and the docs say we just watch and aren’t overly concerned about them.  We have labs next week, and will continue to monitor him this next year, but not as consistently which is really neat to think about, because hopefully its rooted in the reality that we don’t NEED to!

–Also join us in praying against long term side effects.  His skin is still pretty messed up with red and eczema, but a small price to pay for life–yet we continue to pray against it.  Also be praying for all the motor skills to continue to come back (as you can see from pics below, he isn’t struggling much–playing baseball and snowboarding etc!), as well as getting caught up with his social and school skills which TBall has been helpful with as well.  Next week we will start a battery of tests to see if he has any markers for other long term concerns, so covering this in prayer is a high priority for us these next few weeks.

I think this is it for now–we have a special day planned tomorrow to celebrate B, and will start tonight by heading down to the prayer chapel at CHOC where so many hours of this journey were spent.  

We’d love it if you would join us in PRAISING GOD tomorrow for the amazing work he has done as well as praying over B and these three specific areas (CURE, protection of weekend, and long term side effects).  

Grace and Peace to YOU,



Above: Brayden is a BIG hitter 🙂 one of the smallest guys on our team, but one of the most consistent/powerful hitters (definitely makes mom and dad proud:).  In fact, knowing Braydens personality, he gets ticked every time he doesnt hit a home run–its very cool and a joy to watch/encourage.

Below:  Brayden also loves to field and his favorite position is Pitcher, because in Tball they usually get lots of action:)



ABOVE: Braydens first Snowboarding lesson with Mom.  HE DID AWESOME… so well that the second time we went (last week) we bought a rental board to take home (25 to rent, 30 to buy=no brainer:).



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Brayden and bump update…

Brayden looks and feels great… he really has no idea what is going on behind the scenes, other than that he caught mommy and daddy crying on Friday afternoon and asked what was wrong and offered to pray for us:)  Sweet boy.

Friday was a pretty long day for dad.  We emailed the doc early in the am and then ended up texting him around 1 bc we hadn’t heard anything back and wanted to make sure he got it before the weekend.  He texted back about an hour later saying he has just emailed us a response, so I waited.  And Waited. 15 min. 30 min. 45 min. NO email.  I felt like God was screaming at me: “TRUST ME…. it really doesn’t matter what the Oncologist says, I am the one who holds your son’s future in my hands.  Not Him.  Not his wisdom.  But my healing and sovereignty.”

So I walked away from the computer/phone and never checked my email again, fully trusting Gods message and the rest of the weekend has been glorious–Wouldn’t that be cool if that’s what really happened?!?!

I actually checked it 100 times and waiting faithfully for the email tone to beep:)

I remember responding (with Jen) in tears in our hallway (which is when Brayden found us), that God: “I do trust. We do trust.”  I felt myself saying any and everything I have already written countless times in this blog over the past 3 years (April 1st will mark the 3 year point from initial diagnosis).  So we cried out to God together, continuing to pray for healing and deeper faith for us as parents.  I ended up texting the doctor again and he said he didn’t know what the email deal was, but that “I don’t think this needs urgent attention at this time” which of course on one level we think: GREAT, but on another we go to, ‘not at this time’ but later.  Frustrating life, huh?!?!

Remember it was swollen lymph nodes we found (multiple ones) at relapse as an initial sign of recurrence and the only way we really found the cancer was to do the bone marrow biopsy back in Dec. of ’10.  That was easy to do because we already had a procedure scheduled (we were still in the middle of treatment) and port in etc.  Present day: March 4th, 2012: One little lump would not warrant a BM biopsy at this point, but could be the initial sign of something going on.  SO the answer from the doc is, don’t worry about it right now–if it is something over time it will show up… it takes time for the cancer to develop from the Bone marrow and get into the blood stream anyways, and we will start to see symptoms if B’s body isn’t doing well.  For some perspective, the Bone marrow test from 2010 was 75% cancerous, and yet there was no evidence in the blood at that point, so it does take some time–but Jen was noticing some symptoms then which SHE IS NOT seeing right now.  She knew it in her gut back then, and doesn’t feel that way now.

But we still can’t deny the oddities and irony of Nov./Dec. of ’10 and current day….

–I am back in the swing of things at work and LOVING life, we feel a sense of normalcy forming again.

–I am teaching at Biola again, and have even had opportunities to teach at conferences and universities  teaching a very similar message: Joy in trials and TRUST GOD always: His better is better.

–We have had the same family and friends visit in recent weeks as just before relapse

–We have a trip planned to NY (just for Jen and I) which we have postponed and cancelled twice bc of cancer and relapse.

–We have a fundraiser/benefit planned which happened just before relapse and is on the calendar for next week.

–I’m sure there are others, but this is all I’m thinking of right now (its nap time, so I’m not all here:)

But God is in control in spite of (and in) all these things, and actually we just feel like this may be one of Satan’s big attacks before we push through the 1 year post BMT day.  For every eyrie similarity there is one or two large DISsimilarities.  Brayden is NOT fatigued or tired, in fact he just jumped in the pool after going to sunday school, playing at the park and hanging out at a friend’s birthday.  Energy he is NOT lacking 🙂 he also hasn’t complained about his bones or teeth at all, which were big precursors coupled with the lymph nodes.

I will say that this time has been unlike any other, in the sense that though our hearts have been swayed towards fear and worry; our gut/tummy has remained peaceful.  This is from God alone.

Bottom line is we want to pray for healing and trust.  We do not know if Cancer is coming back or not.  But we do know that HE DOES and is in complete control.  And that even if Cancer was ever coming back, GOD could in an instant stop it and kill it ALL.  This is the GOD WE SERVE and the God we cry out to and the GOD WHO LISTENS and responds.  So please join with us in praying.

Since Friday, we have laid low as a fam.  Spent time enjoying each other and resting.  The boys and I went on a man date to the beach to celebrate the life of a man who lost his battle to cancer and praise God for the lives we all have.  WE then went to mini golf and had a nice Sat. afternoon hanging around the house.

Last night though Jen started to feel a little attacked and woke up this am feeling unsettled and a little worried:(

I quickly joined Jen in feeling sick for her and with her and then sat down and for whatever reason opened up FB (not a regular practice, when frustrated, but God using all things:)… and this is what a friend wrote:

March 4
Refuse to worry! In this world there will always be something enticing you to worry. That is the nature of a fallen, fractured planet: Things are not as they should be. So the temptation to be anxious is constantly with you, trying to worm its way into your mind. The best defense is continual communication with Me, richly seasoned with thanksgiving. Awareness of My Presence fills your mind with Light and Peace, leaving no room for fear. This awareness lifts you up above your circumstances, enabling you to see problems from My perspective. Live close to Me! Together we can keep the wolves of worry at bay.

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?”
—Luke 12:25–26

A perfect message from God, about Him and trusting him….

Remember we have been reading through Isaiah as a couple and there is clear imagery about God providing those in Zion a crown of beauty instead of ashes (61:3).  God popped the song by crystal lewis: “beauty to ashes” in my head, which is odd because (a) it’s the first song I ever “performed” back when I thought I could sing:) and (b) it’s not a current song making its rounds so it was simply the imagery from Isaiah and lyrics of CL that brought us encouragement as a couple that again: God is in control and His better is better.  So we spent some time worshiping this am as a couple though itunes and CL:

He gives beauty for ashes 
Strength for fear 
Gladness for mourning 
Peace for despair 

When sorrow seems to surround you 
When suffering hangs heavy oer your head 
Know that tomorrow brings 
Wholeness and healing 
God knows your need 
Just believe what He said 

From there I got in the car and headed to work/church and of course Chris Tomlin was rocking “Our God is greater, our God is stronger, God you are higher than any other… Our God is healer, awesome in power, our God…. Our God”  Again it was as if God was whispering: “Trust me, I’ve got it…. I’m in control”.

At this point the whispers were feeling more forceful and eventually felt like screams.  I saw another quote on FB from a friend: When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t just throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the Engineer. – Corrie ten Boom  Again: “TRUST ME, I am the Engineer” but more; Im the creator of the freaking train and railroad and COSMOS.

At this point I started to laugh a little, and then the worship team started to warm up which I can hear in the offices… they were playing a song entitled: “Today is the day” which is from Psalms 118, and has been a text we have claimed throughout our journey; because EVERY DAY is the day the Lord has made, even when and if we don’t get the circumstances we long/hope for.  This song/psalms also clearly states: TRUST GOD!

I’m putting my fears aside
I’m leaving my doubts behind
I’m giving my hopes and dreams to You Jesus

I’m reaching my hand to Yours
Believing there’s so much more 
Knowing that all You have in store for me is good

Today is the day You have made
I will rejoice and be glad in it
And I won’t worry about tomorrow
I’m trusting in what You say
Today is the day

At this point in the morning you would think I was fully trusting and living in light of all these reminders, but just in case I wasnt… Jen texted me saying that as she got in the car to drive to church and turned on her radio she heard casting crowns: “Voice of truth”.  again God screaming at us (since the wispers weren’t doing it:) trust me.  trust me…. trust ME.  I texted her back calling her a liar as there was no way that song was on.  That was the song from Dec. 1st after we got relapse diagnosis for God saying you’re going to hear and feel lots of crap along this journey and road–but you need to stay close to me.  Listen to me.  Trust me.  I’ve got this.

So here we are this afternoon.  Trying to trust more.  Thanking God that he has proven and provided, over and over again that his better is better and in Him we can rest. Thanks for praying with us and for us:)

Grace and Peace,



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No news is good news, but here is some news…

Its been exactly 3 months since our last Braydens Battle update.  I honestly can’t explain why I havent updated more often.  The phrase is no news is good news, or so I’ve been told, and medically there hasn’t been a lot to update.  Brayden has been trucking along, doing awesome.  But there has been a ton of amazing news to celebrate and praise God for!  Ill highlight a few here as well as end with some prayer requests, because unfortunately there is some medical news (as of last night).

Praise God:

–Christmas was incredible!  Just being in Redding and celebrating our saviors birth and Braydens life was very very special.  It was a nice change from the last christmas living in the hospital:)

–Braydens 5th Birthday.  We went a little over the top on this one, with a Polar Bear plunge swim party (In Jan.) and snow cones etc.  It was Braydens first birthday with his friends being able to attend, so another very very special day that was filled with tears of joy.

–Braydens Tball (Yankees)… this too has brought tears of joy (and sadness, as Brayden is on the Yankees 😦 ) but he is LOVING it!  He is a great hitter and has a pretty good arm and ability to field and catch.  You can definitely tell that he is his mother’s son.  The kid is talented and its amazing to see him out there interacting with other kids and being a “normal” 5-year-old.

–Braydens Snowboarding.  Just this past week, I took a half day and took Brayden up to the mountain to learn how to snow board.  I know it shouldnt surprise us, but he was determined to go on a lift and go down the mountain by himself… and sure enough he did: STUD.

These last 3 months have been incredible and there is not a moment that goes by that we are not PRAISING GOD for the great things he has done (which is part of why I am bummed I havent updated more–because so many amazing things to share, and these quick sentences just dont do it justice).

Jen and I still have moments of fear (although we feel like they are becoming less frequent as the days go on:), but on one level another one last night….

PRAYER Requests:

–As I mentioned above, B has been doing incredible, I mean look at all he’s been up to!  But last night Jen discovered a bump on his lower neck/upper back (where the two meet–encouragingly this is not a lymph node area:).  And if you remember it was swollen lymph nodes that we found before relapse back in nov. of 10.  So to say the least this has our attention.

We have emailed the docs and sent pics and are waiting to hear back from them.  We honestly aren’t worried, but would much prefer it to be gone of course.  So we ask you to join us in praying for him diligently as we figure this latest thing out.  We know there are still odds (higher than we’d like) that the cancer could return–BUT we feel confident that this crap is done with and our job is now to proclaim the hope and healing of our Great God.

Bottom line is we are feeling good (would prefer this bump issue to resolve itself) but are extremely thankful for the life that we have and get to share with you all.  We called last year “happy cure year”, and we want this year to be “the year of the Lords favor” and proclamation of it!  Jen and I have been reading Isaiah (Braydens middle name:) together and this was part of the chapter we read last night:

61 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me,
because the Lord has anointed me
to bring good news to the poor;[a]
he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim liberty to the captives,
and the opening of the prison to those who are bound;[b]
to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor,
and the day of vengeance of our God;
to comfort all who mourn;

We are excited to continue to proclaim God and his goodness to the world.  To scream of his faithfulness and praise him for his healing of Brayden, as well as continue to pray diligently against the attack of the enemy (mentally for us as parents) as well as physically for B.  We are excited for the opportunities and occasions that we will have (many of which we have no idea about) this year to do this to any and everyone who is willing to listen…. To Him be the Glory for the things he has done and will do this year.

Thanks for continuing to battle with us (even in my quiet blog moments).

On one last note: there is a young gal who will be doing a benefit concert for Brayden and another boy who has been fighting cancer that she knows.  We will be trying to make it and would love to see some of you there, it would be great to say hello and continue to share of Gods grace and mercy personally.  Here is more info:


Grace and peace to all of you!


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This weekend one year ago…

It was this weekend one year ago that we found out Braydens cancer had come back.  I still remember it all too clearly.  The week before was thanksgiving and then we had our dear friends visit us from Fresno.  We had been worried for the entire month of November in spite of the doctors encouraging us that nothing was wrong.  I remember the wed. (dec. 1st) asking for a bone marrow test just to simply calm our hearts so that we would know we could stop worrying like everyone was saying.  I remember praying over the results, and trusting God for the best possible outcome.  I remember driving over the hill on my way to work on Thursday morning, that very next day, when my phone rang and it was Dr. Sam with the news.  It was unbelievable then, and even today is still hard to completely grasp.  The next day: Friday we were back at Choc to begin the hardest year of our life to date.

And as unbelievable as that Friday was then, I have some similar “unbelievable” feelings tonight as I sit here one year later.  I just got home and put C down to bed as Jen and B are still out partying.  One year ago he was in the hospital–TODAY he is at his first ever slumber party–CRAZY.  I cant help but rejoice and celebrate the amazing 180turn which we are currently enjoying.  Brayden is eating well, and gaining weight (still not technically on the “charts” but is big enough to ride space/thunder/tower of terror etc.:) and he doesn’t look anything like the pictures from just 4-6 months before.  You wouldn’t even know the pain and trials he has faced the past 3 years by looking at him…Its honestly hard to type without losing it.

There are so many things I could write about, which is why I know I need to be more faithful to you the reader (especially as I covet and cry for your faithful prayers for B)… so Ill just throw out a couple of highlights and prayer requests.

–September and October marked days 140-200 post transplant and we reactivated our Disneyland passes which we froze since B was too sick to go, so we began making great use of those.

–Keeping with the Disney theme we went on Braydens second Disney cruise at the end of October and Had gma lynda and aunt Julie join us–it was a blast celebrating all that B had been through and conquered to date.

–November marked lots of family visits, which was great to have them come for something other than spending time in the Hospital or taking care of C etc.  TODAY is day 233!

We really have been trying our best to live life and gain more normalcy which is such a gift! I am even realizing that Brayden turns 5 in just over a month, AND starts kindergarten in 9 months–crazy!  And yet the last time I remember really having normalcy was the winter of 2010 and we all know how that turned out :(.  Which leads us of course to the continued prayer requests.

__ULTIMATELY CURE continued.  We really trust and believe that we are done with all this cancer crap!  But we also know the stats and they are haunting (highest recurrence comes in the first 2 years post transplant, so 700 days).  So we continue to pray persistently that God would continue to give Brayden long long life to be used to enjoy Him and share the love of Christ with any and all who would listen.

__Be praying for the continued rash and skin sensitivity that B has.  Docs have said it could be the rest of his life, but that we still need to watch closely for chronic GVHD as well as a preLeukemic rash.  So of course every time we see it, it causes concern etc.  We have been seeing a nutritionist which has helped us narrow down some food allergies that may be causing him to have skin reactions so we are thankful for the info, although the cost of eating gluten free and all the other things is crazy–but def. worth it!  Continue to pray against any and all long term side effects–including the ones I just mentioned as well as physical and mental ones from radiation etc.

__Going hand in hand with the 2 above: recurrence and rash etc. be praying for mommy and daddy and our emotions and more faith and deeper trust and enjoyment of each and every moment (I know that was like 4 requests in one, but you get the idea:).  It’s still really hard.  There are moments where we forget and can live life like a “normal family” but those arent frequent enough.  And don’t hear me say/write that being “normal” is the goal–because it’s not.  But living a faith filled life which trusts God for everything and enjoys anything and all that he provides is what we continually strive for while maintaining a love/jealousy for our boy like I cant even describe.

__Finally continue to pray for God glory in B’s life.  That He would continue to woo and call B to himself and use these amazing events in his life to develop an incredible relationship together which would deepen others walks and lead people to trust Christ because of B.

As I wrap up this quick post, I cant help but think of the “strange” way God chose to save the world by giving of his only son.  Being so close at times to losing mine it continues to blow my mind of the great love that the God the Father has for me.  And you.  I pray wherever you are, physically or spiritually, in this Christmas season that you can experience, enjoy and embrace that incredible gift.

Thank you again for waling this road with us! Blessings,



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Port comes out TODAY (within hours:)

Today is very very exciting!!!!  After battling cancer for 2 1/2 years (to the day, yesterday) at 9:30 this am Brayden’s port will be surgically removed.  This is the device that we prayed over back in April of ’09 that God would use as an instrument to carry his grace via chemo therapy.

It’s also a little scary:(  Surgery is always scary (just recently read of someone losing their battle in the midst of a simply surgery–never a fun thought)… but so is losing and removing this device.  We want to do it on confidence and trust that the docs wouldn’t let us remove it unless we were confident that we’d never need it again (but unfortunately they aren’t even that confident of this–as no one can be–and the last time they were, it actually came back).  But we have all decided it is the best thing to do for B, and medically there are NO current signs to show any fear of a close recurrence.  So we pray for that to continue and are thankful for it today in our current situation!

Braydens labs on Tuesday were very good again!  Not Great, but very good.  You know Jen and I and we only like having the best and can tend to be a little perfectionistic (maybe not her as much as me:), so I literally prayed for perfect labs on Monday night and we got a whole bunch of the results that didn’t come back in Quote un quote perfect range and rather were like LITERALLY .1 off.  Reminded me to pray for my desires, but be focused on what matters.  The labs only matter in the sense that they confirm what many of you have said when getting the gift of seeing his sweet smile and hearing his laugh–he LOOKS and SOUNDS AWESOME!!!!

SO we go into this am thankful.  Thankful for Gods plan and sovereignty and walking this road with us even after he paved it.  And thankful to you for praying us down it, and doing so again today.  I have a couple fo awesome stories to update you on, but I must run because we are supposed to check in for surgery at 7:30 and it’s already 7 and both kiddos are asleep (of course the day they actually sleep is the day we need to be out:).

Thank you all!!!



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Braydens visit with the Angels featured in full page of OC register this am:)

This morning after my early breakfast appt. one of the gentlemen from our church came in and said “hey drew, have you read the newspaper yet today?”  I of course responded no, since I was up and prepping for meeting at 530–so he handed me the paper and said “turn to page 7″… I assumed unsuspectingly that something had happened to my 49ers or Giants so turned the pages trying to prepare for the worst and then there it was–a HUGE picture of the coolest 4-year-old in the world: Brayden Isaiah Sodestrom holding a big old Torii Hunter bat and smiling for the camera during our BP visit last Tuesday!

I am in between meetings right now, so I can’t write a lot, but it was an awesome and incredible day for which we are very thankful for:)  Here is the article:–.html

Make sure you check out the pictures too as there are some really good ones.  I know I havent added nearly enough, so I will try to see if Jen can upload some more chronicling the past 6 months in particular as we approach Oct. 13th the big 6 month post Tday.

Today he is doing well, a slight skin irritation which could be simply from the flu shots he got OR a type of shampoo/soap.  Doesnt seem to be a rash, but of course always something we are watching like a hawk.  He did have some vomit on Friday last week as well, but none through the weekend so that was a plus.  Overall things seem to be going very well and last Tuesday was a celebration of that which we will continue on the 13th with something special (dont know what yet–but something) as well as the cruise coming up soon too:)

Thanks for all the prayers–blessing to you this fine (wet:) day!



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